Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Smith & Chic Retreats

I tend to have tastes that far exceed my budget, so when I'm traveling, I'm always looking for chic affordable boutique hotels, or online deals. An option that has worked really well for me is joining a travel club. Two that I am a member of are Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and Chic Retreats. For a small fee, you become a member, and receive perks and discounts at hotels all around the world. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith,, and Chic Retreats,, are based in London and have mostly European properties, but are starting to add hotels in major U.S. cities. When you book through Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you get deals, such as free cocktails on arrival, discounts at hotel restaurants, and free spa treatments. Chic Retreats offers a 10% discount on the majority of their properties. Both companies are very selective as to the hotels they endorse, and chic retreats in particular has exceptional properties.

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