Monday, July 7, 2008

Furry Travel Companions

For those of you with amiable furry travel companions, I was recently at the new London West Hollywood hotel, and was informed that the hotel prides themselves on being animal friendly. They have water dishes around the property, a glamorous dog house, and a resident English bulldog who greats visitors at the door:

An East coast pet friendly hotel is the Parker Meridian New York. They go so far as to provide a room service menu that caters specifically for pets. Forgot something? No problem. They have everything from scratching posts to animal mood music:

1. London Palm Beach bag $132, 2. London Nantucket bag $132, 3. Fiona Bag $88, (bags 1., 2., and 3. available at kwigy bo), 4. Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac de Chien $1830 ( eluxury), 5. Michael Bag $132 ( kwigy bo) 6. Bruce Bag $450, (Olive Green Dog), 7. Mod Travel Bowls  $14.00 (Olive Green Dog), 8. Plush Bed (Olly Dog), 9. Goyard Travel Dish $$$ (Goyard)
Here are a few accessories that will make traveling with a pet a bit easier, without sacrificing style. All bags meet most airline's travel guidelines, and two of the bags are male friendly options. Carrying a dog or cat through an airport is exhausting business, and you might want your guy to share in the heavy lifting. He'll be a lot more willing if you don't bring the pink princess bag. 

The travel bowls listed fold up for easy packing, and the dog/cat beds can be packed flat or rolled. The Goyard travel pet case and the Louis Vuitton bag are ridiculously extravagant, but if can afford it and really want to spoil your pet -- or yourself --  lucky you!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Jean-Vier Store - Los Angeles

The French company Jean Vier has just opened their first store on U.S. soil in our very own Pasadena. They carry bright summery linens and accessories in bold linear patterns.

Their sturdy totes would make great beach bags, and the coated linen caught my eye as another great picnic blanket option. It's sold by the foot so you can choose the size, it rolls up easily, and the slick coating allows you to hose it down when you're done.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Picnic Fixins

1. This picnic trunk from DWR is one of the most functional and sophisticated baskets I've come across. It has an extendible table providing all fresco dining for 2, and is equipped with tableware, a bottle opener, and salt and pepper shakers:

2. I would like to take Domino Mags suggestion and use these blankets as bohemian picnic throws:

3. Add a couple of Morrocan lanterns for mood lighting:

4. Pick up a couple of boxed dinners from Clementine -- -- and you have a stylish and tasty feast!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cinespia at Hollywood Forever - Los Angeles

Last weekend, we headed to the Hollywood Forever Cemetary for a screening of The Man Who Knew to Much. If the thought of eating a picnic and watching a movie in a cemetary seems a bit morbid to you, rest assured that you are not picnicing on the dearly departed, but on an unused plot of land.

The cemetary is beautifully landscaped, and most of the people buried there are Hollywood legends who would probably approve of the entertainment. A D.J. plays before and after the show, and alcohol is permitted.

This Sunday's movie is Blue Velvet. I'll be bringing the Pabst Blue Ribbon! Details at:

Hot Diggity Dog - Los Angeles

Calling all meat lovers!! My hot dog connoisseurs tell me there is a new top dog in town. The next time you're near the Helms Bakery in Los Angeles, be sure and check out the Let's Be Frank hot dog stand across from the new Father's Office. They make their own hot dogs from organically and humanely raised beef and pork, so they are delicous and guilt free.