Friday, October 17, 2008

La Mill Coffee Boutique - Los Angeles

Today I decided to leave the comfort of my neighborhood and do a little exploring in Silver Lake. I've been reading a lot about La Mill Coffee Boutique on Silver Lake Blvd. and decided to check the place out for myself. The decor is an unusual mix of sleek modern and tea room luxury. Somehow red and grey walls, a neoclassical mural, and mid-century modern peacock and baby blue ostrich and crocodile print chairs work. It is a great space that felt very European to me, similar to places I have seen in London or Italy where decorators combine modern elements with nods to the past. The coffee is very good, but not exactly cheap. I was smitten with their blue coffee tin, but quickly fell out of favor when I noticed it cost $65 full of coffee. 
This definitely is not your average neighborhood coffee shop. The menu was designed by the chef of Providence if that gives you any indication. I tried the Sofia panini which consisted of a pungent goat cheese, olive tapenade, basil, and tomato compote. It was good, but the highlight was the home made potato chips that accompanied. A small coffee and a panini set me back around $20. The breakfast sounds intriguing particularly the cinnamon French toast, but the ambiance at La Mill is so nice, that the next time I go back I hope to have a leisurely cup of coffee or tea with friends.

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