Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Luzzo's Pizzeria - New York

I have to admit that on my last trip to New York, I cheated on Lombardi's! Whenever I am in New York, I have to get my pizza fix and Lombardi's is usually my pie of choice. On this trip, I decided to take my friend Maya's advice and try Luzzo's in the East Village. I was skeptical, and I won't say it's better than Lombardi's but I have to admit it is just as good. There are a lot of similarities between the two: a perfectly charred crust, and a thin layer of sauce topped with gooey blobs of cheese. The difference in my opinion is Luzzo's sauce is just a little bit sweeter, and the fresh mozzarella a little bit softer (sorry Lombardi's but it's true). They even have secured a coal oven, which is one of the secrets to all the best pizza shop's pizzas. I thought New York only allowed 2 original coal ovens to remain: Lombardi's and Grimaldi's, so I'm not sure how they have pulled it off, but I'm sure glad they did! 

Luzzo's Pizzeria, 211-213 First avenue, New York, NY  
Tel: 212.473.7447

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