Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dolci e Dolcezze Sweets - Florence, Italy

Continuing on my quest to find the best sweets around the world, I have decided to add Dolci e Dolcezze, a little gem in Florence. This tiny bake shop is old fashioned elegance with sweets laid out in pristine glass cases like the jewels they are. Decorated with ornate gold mirrors, crystal chandeliers and mint green walls, Dolci's ambiance conjures a dream out of the nutcracker. Service is the most civilized with treats served on antique sterling silver trays accompanied by dainty sterling spoons. Only in Europe can you find such luxuries. A little off the beaten path, and a cornetto will cost more than at your average bakery, but Dolci and Dolcezze is worth it. Dolci e Dolcezze, Piazza Beccaria 8/r , Santa Croce Tel: 055 234  54 58

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Marine said...

I was just researching this place and found your blog. I was there November 2007. I honestly loved this place so much, I brought a cake home to LA!!! My sister and I went there every morning for our expresso and chocolate cake. They had other yummy desserts too and the interior is just too darn cute! Well, I just wanted to comment that 2 years after my visit there I still salvitate over the chocolate cake. YUM