Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peck Food Emporium - Milan

Peck in Milan, is the Dean and Deluca of Italy. Their huge food emporium sells everything from coffee, cheeses, olive oils, vinegars, and prepared food all under the Peck label. Everything is of the highest, freshest quality. On my trip to Milan, I bought a bottle of the white truffle oil, which actually had a big hunk of white truffle floating in the bottom. I don't think you can find that many other places, at least not for an affordable price! Certain items on their website can be shipped to the U.S. such as wine, oils (including the aforementioned truffle oil) and aged vinegars. Peck also has a gourmet restaurant and tea room upstairs where they will make you a perfect cappuccino. If you're lucky they'll even swirl the foam into a heart. Perfecto!

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