Sunday, January 18, 2009

Godard's "Made in USA" - L.A. & N.Y.

For all you Godard fans out there, "Made in USA" is being screened for the first time since 1967 in American theaters. This is Godard's take on the film noir, so don't expect serious suspense (the movie described itself as "Walt Disney with blood"), or the disjointed narrative to make much sense.  Anna Karina, donning a glamorous trench coat, takes on the roles of both femme fatale and Humphrey Bogart, while Truffaut's favorite Jean-Pierre Leaud makes an appearance as a bumbling detective wearing a pin that reads "Kiss me I'm Italian."  

See "Made in USA" for the fabulous fashions, the vibrant pop art colored visuals, and of course the lovely Anna Karina.

Playing in Los Angeles at the Landmark Nuart Theatre January 18th - January 22nd and also at the Film Forum in New York through January 22nd.

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