Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ikram Boutique - Chicago

Like most of America, I spent a large portion of today glued to the inaugural festivities admiring Michelle Obama's wardrobe. By now, we all know her golden shift dress and jacket were designed by Isabel Toledo and her dreamy cream chiffon embellished gown by up and coming designer Jason Wu.

Michelle Obama has a real talent for mixing high and low end items, which is a skill we could all use in these hard economic times. She also has a knack for using belts, jewelry, and other bold accessories to add a modern edge to classic silhouettes.

Apparently, just like the rest of us, she gets a little help coordinating from Ikram Goldman owner of a boutique in Chicago where Mrs. Obama frequently shops.

Ikram is definitely where she gets the high end. If your looking for the low end check out J. Crew.

873 North Rush Street
Chicago, Illinois
Tel: 312.587.1000
Open 10am to 6am Monday through Saturday


Anonymous said...

OMG - did you see the pic of Jason Wu on Perez Hilton's site today??

Flitterin said...

Wow! Although the clothes he designed for that Rupaul doll are pretty glamorous!