Friday, January 15, 2016

Bed Clothes fit for a Fairy Princess and Super Hero

I am always look for new and creative ways to convince my children to go to bed. My daughter in particular is very picky about what she is willing to sleep in and will only wear a "princess nightgown" or a "baby nightgown."
 Due to the fire retardant laws it is very difficult to find night gowns in the U.S and I have resorted to buying  cotton knit dresses that are soft and comfortable.

So, while looking through Cyrillus's website (a wonderful moderately priced French brand by the way) I was thrilled to find this whimsical Princess Costume Night Dress
The nightgown is made out of super soft cotton with beautiful sparkling stars, and it comes with a little mask and a magic wand.

Princess Costume Night Dress (Image from Cyrillus website)
This year, I really wanted to start the Christmas tradition of letting my children each open one gift on Christmas eve. My sister and I always got to pick one present to open which usually was from a Great Aunt, or cousin and not the most exciting of gifts (a commemorative spoon, or cat sweater!) . Still it I satiated us for the moment and made us even more excited for the gifts to come.I thought perhaps if they unwrapped an exciting new pair of pajamas or nightgown. They would eagerly run to take their bath and get ready for bed! Indeed it worked! My daughter was thrilled to get dressed and flitted about with the wand and mask.
Boys Superhero Night Costume (Image from Cyrillic Website)
Unfortunately, my son was too young for the incredibly adorable Superhero Night Costume.

Image from Cyrillus website
Instead I got him this Faux Fur Lined Dressing Gown
He had been wearing his sisters pink handy- me-down and while I love little boys in pink,  I figured it was time get him his own attire. In this little robe, he's like a baby Hugh Hefner prancing about.
All items are still available on there website, and the night gown and robe are 30% off!

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